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Are your armpits perspiring excessively? Do you often apply an anti-perspirant? Does it frustrate you that you keep having yellow spots in your t-shirts that you can't get out with washing?
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For millions of people, excessive armpit sweat (the medical term is axillary hyperhidrosis) is a daily struggle that affects almost every aspect of life. Whether it's tension at work, shame in relationships and social contacts, or frustration at having to wear clothes that hide your sweat. Excessive sweating can have devastating effects on your emotional wellbeing and self-esteem.


The miraDry procedure is fast, non-invasive and is performed in doctor Van de Velde's treatment room.

The miraDry delivers precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the armpits. This supplied energy generates heat, resulting in so-called thermolysis of the sweat glands. As a result, these sweat glands are switched off with high precision and a lasting result. At the same time, the skin is protected against overheating by means of a continuous water-cooled cooling system. Contact with the skin only takes place by means of a sterile packaged cooling element, the so-called BioTip, which is renewed before each treatment. The miraDry displays the treatment on the screen step by step.


The miraDry system delivers precisely dosed energy to the region where the armpit sweat glands are located and eliminates the sweat glands non-invasively.

Because the sweat glands are not re-created by the body after the miraDry treatment, not only good but also lasting results are achieved with this new treatment. Moreover, the results are noticeable immediately after the treatment while the side effects are minor.


About an hour after the treatment you can go home. You can expect sweat reduction immediately after the treatment, with minimal to no recovery time. To obtain a lasting result, in some cases it may be necessary to undergo a second treatment.


MiraDry uses the only non-invasive technology approved by the FDA that is clinically proven to dramatically reduce sweat with lasting results. By non-invasive, we mean that no aggressive chemicals, toxins or surgery are used in the treatment. As a result, there is minimal to no recovery time after the procedure.



Most patients report an enormous reduction in sweat; in a recent clinical study, the average sweat reduction was 82%. You should notice a reduction in sweat immediately after treatment. As with any medical procedure, results can vary from person to person.


Doctor Van de Velde is a surgeon specialising in oral, jaw and facial surgery.
Dr Van de Velde Stefaan

Dr Van de Velde Stefaan

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MiraDry treatment

The doctor treats each armpit area with multiple insertions of the miraDry handpiece. Local anesthesia is administered to the armpits prior to the procedure. Your visit to the clinic usually takes about an hour. Two procedures with three months in between are required to achieve the best results.

After treatment

Your doctor will probably recommend an over-the-counter painkiller for a few days and the use of ice packs. Immediately after the procedure you should be able to resume your normal activities or work and normally you can start exercising again within a few days. Some local discomfort or swelling is normal and disappears within a few weeks. Some patients have a short-term changed feeling in the skin of their armpits or upper arms, which gradually disappears.


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% of all sweat glands are located in the armpits


We compiled some questions that we were regularly asked by our customers. Can't find an answer to your question? Don't hesitate to contact us.
Hyperhidrosis is a term for excessive sweating in medicine. Usually, excessive sweating vision is limited to armpits and palms and/or soles of the feet, but it can occur all over the skin. Excessive sweating can be 'secondary': an expression of an underlying condition (e.g. diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, medication), but it is usually 'primary', i.e. with no identifiable cause. Excessive sweating can develop into a physical discomfort. Excessive sweating under the armpits, called 'axillary hyperhidrosis' in medical terms, can now be dealt with effectively and safely by miraDry treatment.

Excessive sweating can be a major burden in everyday life. Many of you will have already tried all possible deodorants and anti-perspirants. A few of you may already have had an expensive, painful or invasive treatment, with no lasting results.

If you are familiar with any of the situations below, we strongly recommend that you consider the miraDry treatment and seek non-binding advice:

  • Do you use an anti-perspirant very frequently?
  • Does armpit sweating interfere with your daily activities?
  • Does your choice of clothing take your armpit sweating into account?
  • Do you have to change your shirt several times a day?
  • Are you ashamed of your armpit sweat?
  • Are you tired of worrying about your excessive perspiration?
Your body has over 4 million sweat glands, of which only about 2% are in the armpits. Eliminating this 2% has no effect on the body's ability to cool itself.

Other treatment options aim to temporarily eliminate the sweat glands or involve surgery with the associated risks. Only the miraDry procedure offers a permanent solution with non-invasive treatment.

If outbreaks of armpit sweat, stained clothing, or regular application of anti-perspirant interfere with your daily life, you may be a good candidate for the miraDry procedure. Talk to your doctor to find out if the miraDry procedure is right for you.

The miraDry treatment is only suitable for the armpits and unfortunately cannot be used to treat other areas of the body or for eneralized hyperhidrosis.

  • Lasting results, on average 82% reduction of perspiration.
  • 98% is still satisfied after 5 years
  • No surgery and safe treatment by specialized doctors.
  • Few to no side effects and generally rapid resumption of daily activities.
  • Painless treatment.
  • Less armpit hair.
  • FDA approved and CE mark.
  • Recommended by the International Hyperhidrosis Society.

The miraDry treatment offers a revolutionary solution for excessive sweating and is safe, fast, painless and effective. The treatment is performed by a specialized doctor. By means of controlled electromagnetic energy, sweat glands can be instantly and permanently eliminated. Doctor Van de Velde will go through the entire process with you and answer all your questions so that you can make the step to a life without hyperhidrosis without any worries.

1500 euro


Who better to know the results than our customers. We'll let a few have their say.
Miradry treatment. And with the exception of some blue, sensitive armpits, everything went fine. The doctor was very professional and friendly and the treatment was very hygienic and neat.

Mrs. S. I. from Geraardsbergen

Finally got rid of that excessive sweating and those annoying sweat spots. An enormous calmness.

Mr. B. S. from Ninove

After considering for a long time and asking a lot of questions, which were answered quickly and correctly, I finally decided to undergo the treatment. Now, 10 months later, I can say that this was one of the best decisions of my life. Feel free to let your clients contact me to ask about my experience. A super satisfied customer!

Mrs. D. I. from Antwepen


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